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Water scarcity is another risk for non-renewable power plants. Coal, nuclear, and many natural gas plants depend on having sufficient water for cooling, which means that severe droughts and heat waves can put electricity generation at risk. Wind and solar photovoltaic systems do not require water to generate electricity and can operate reliably in conditions that may otherwise require closing a fossil fuel-powered plant. (For more information, see How it Works: Water for Electricity.)  

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Solar power is clean green electricity that is created from sunlight, or heat from the sun. Installing solar power systems in a residential setting generally means setting up a solar photovoltaic or a solar thermal system on the roof.

Solar thermal power plants designed for solar-only generation are well matched to summer noon peak loads in prosperous areas with significant cooling demands, such as the south-western United States. Using thermal energy storage systems, solar thermal operating periods can even be extended to meet base-load needs.[50]

Because many of Off-Grid’s potential customers have experience with bad products, or know someone who has, the company takes extra steps to build trust with its clients. After an Off-Grid installer shows up on his motorbike, he opens the product carton with great solemnity; in an Ivorian village, I watched along with seventeen neighbors, who nodded as the young man held up each component, one by one. He then climbed onto the roof of the house, nailed on a solar panel about the size of a placemat, and used a crowbar to lift up the corrugated-tin roof to run the wire inside. He screwed the battery box to the cement-block wall and walked the customer through the process of switching lights on and off several times, something the man had never done before. The company also offers a service guarantee: as long as customers are making their payments, they can call a number on the box and a repairman will arrive within three days. These LightRiders, as the company calls them, are trained to trouble-shoot small problems. They travel by motorcycle, and if they can’t make repairs easily they replace the system with a new one and haul the old unit back to headquarters.

Still, says Kimbis, as with any major home improvement project, you should get bids from multiple installers and compare the results. The solar company should give you an estimate of how much power that system is going to produce based on annual statistics they know from a variety of different factors: the weather in your region, the angle of your roof, and its ordinal orientation, he says. Those factors will determine the size of the system and how much electricity, on average, it will produce every year.

Although some regions may produce excess RPS-qualifying generation, others may produce just enough to meet the requirement or may need to import electricity from adjoining regions to meet state targets.

Reduce your energy costs and do something good for the environment with innovative and energy-efficient products at Lowe’s. From solar panels and energy usage monitors to solar-powered generators and electric car chargers, we have everything you need to go green. At Lowe’s, you’ll find many solar energy solutions including solar chargers, solar electric systems, solar lights, solar power systems, solar battery chargers, solar water heaters and solar panels for home. If you want to use wind as a source of energy, there’s a selection of wind turbines at Lowe’s as well. Not sure how to make your home more efficient? Take the first steps at Lowe’s Energy Center, and learn how to efficiently and economically power your home. Check out our how-to articles for additional information and a crash course in solar energy.

Heat pumps and Thermal energy storage are classes of technologies that can enable the utilization of renewable energy sources that would otherwise be inaccessible due to a temperature that is too low for utilization or a time lag between when the energy is available and when it is needed. While enhancing the temperature of available renewable thermal energy, heat pumps have the additional property of leveraging electrical power (or in some cases mechanical or thermal power) by using it to extract additional energy from a low quality source (such as seawater, lake water, the ground, the air, or waste heat from a process).

Even when solar production is curtailed, the state can produce more than it uses, because it is difficult to calibrate supply and demand precisely. As more homeowners install rooftop solar, for example, their panels can send more electricity to the grid than anticipated on some days, while the state’s overall power usage might fall below what was expected.

The Westerners I spoke to, though they pledged to hire more local executives, didn’t think that the drive to help was incompatible with the desire to make money. As Poindexter put it, “There is a level of responsibility that I feel, and that I think any appropriate investor needs to have, about extraction versus contribution. I am not willing to be an extractive capitalist here, but I think that capitalism has an extremely important role to play in these communities.” Helgesen—who, despite his occasional oblivious tech-dudishness, spends most of his time in very remote places trying to provide power—is unapologetic about his company’s funding sources. Billionaires, he says, have the capital to make companies grow fast enough to matter. “Paul Allen didn’t invest because he thought it was the easiest way to make more money,” Helgesen said. “I got an awful lot of ‘no’s along the way from people who wanted easier money.” In any event, it’s not clear that other sources of funding are available, at least from the U.S.: Trump, pulling out of the Paris climate accord soalr energy this month, said that the country would not meet its pledge to help poor nations develop renewable energy, dismissing the plan as “yet another scheme to redistribute wealth out of the United States through the so-called Green Climate Fund—nice name.”

Your heart begins to pound as the lights in your RV cut out, until you remember you have a backup generator. With a portable solar power generator, you no longer have to worry about losing power on the road. Unlike gas generators, they come with fewer odors, less hassle, and a reduced risk of explosion. Featuring solar panels that attach to the top or the side, these generators absorb the sun’s rays and then converts them into electricity. Now you can fire up your electric oven, listen to your favorite CDs, or even relax while watching a movie no matter where you are. Not only can you use it on the road, you can store one in your garage for emergencies. From thunderstorms to hurricanes, solar powered generators are excellent for keeping your essentials running when the weather interrupts your usual electricity supply. When you shop among the large inventory on eBay, there are many portable solar power generators from which to choose. Once yours arrives, just charge it up and head out onto the road for an exciting journey.

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